Last year, Newsham Scream Park in Liverpool turned Halloween upside down and inside out.

Three truly terrifying scare mazes wound through the historic and haunted building, with scare-seekers flocking from all over the UK and making it the new home for Halloween.

And for 2024, Asylum Entertainment is back with four new scare experiences which will wind  through the historic and haunted building’s claustrophobic corridors and dilapidated dormitories, this Halloween is going to reach a new dimension of terror with previously hidden parts of the building used for the first time.

Over the last two decades AtmosFEAR! have delivered over 350 individual scare entertainment projects for theme parks, FEC’s and heritage attractions in Europe, including in Greece, Ireland and Portugal. For Newsham Scream Park, the team are creating a bigger, scarier and even more intense experience for anyone who dares to venture into Newsham Scream Park this autumn.

Jason Karl, Creative Director for AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, says: “Newsham Park Hospital is a unique venue for Halloween scare entertainment and we are already into the production process to create 4 new experiences which are ‘The Mortuary’, ‘HUMANimal’, ‘The Priest Hood’ and ‘Under the Bed’.  Each is brand new and will bring to life previously unseen areas of the building.”

Further new additions for 2024 include the Horror Selfie Museum, new street entertainment, stage acts and live music, huge food court and licensed bars, plus tarot readers, mystics, fortune tellers and more.

Steeped in folklore, the Victorian Grade II listed Newsham Park Hospital was the site of a Seamen’s orphanage, hospital and asylum. Narrow passages lead into shadowy basements and staircases descend into darkness, where shadowy spaces link to the past and a chill lingers in each compressed space. Wheelchairs, trolleys and machinery from decades ago are strewn around, whilst echoes linger longer throughout the eerie building.

Long since abandoned to the elements, Newsham Park Hospital is a mecca for ghost hunters and spectral thrill seekers. It is regularly cited as one of the UK’s most haunted buildings, stalked by those who used to govern it or be its unfortunate guests, and welcomes back Newsham Scream Park for season two.

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