Those who have a keen eye will have noticed that Fear Island have been releasing the first details of the brand-new scare mazes that will open during October this year.  Announced so far are:


Commit yourself into Blackwood Peak where insanity meets science in a disturbing medical nightmare… Inside, the crazed patients will welcome you into their unethical world of madness and delusion. Failing to accept treatment will result in a truly terrifying life sentence inside DisturbIAM… You’d be MAD to miss it!


Descend below the medieval Fortress of Fear to pay your respects to the late Master of the Castle…  With only a candle to light your path, venture into dread-filled dungeons and catacombs.  Will the darkness consume you, or will you survive the trial of Torchure?

Psycho Vault

CODE 187 : Fear Island…

Following the unsuccessful exorcism of Psycho Mansion in October 2018, the manse was dismantled brick by brick, banishing the insidious ‘Phantom’ forever…  But the real horror lies beneath – a labyrinth of vaults hidden deep beneath the ground has been uncovered, the hideout of infamous serial killer Edward Slice and his band of murderous cohorts – the Psycho Vault has been breached, and YOU are its latest victim…

The House of Voodoo

Take a detour from Voodoo Bay to discover the secrets of a long-forgotten bayou.  Tread carefully as you navigate the misty rivers and walkways of this eerie underworld, but keep your wits about you – who knows what is lurking in the fog at The House of Voodoo.

Also announced is the brand new evening entertainment zone.

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