Fear Island is Fantasy Island Theme Park’s annual Halloween event which operates annually from October to early November.

Fear Island first opened in 2017 and offers a new slate of scare mazes and shows each year.  Designed with different audiences in mind, Fear Island presents elements for both families and thrill-seekers.  Nominated for several awards, Fear Island is now firmly placed as one of the UK’s most well known scream parks.


The inaugural season on Fear Island presented two contrasting scare entertainment experiences.

Dark Water was a scare maze over two levels with underwater effects, a crawl space and featuring a sensory-deprived zone.  A theatrically presented narrative of ghost pirates, sunken treasure and a cursed galleon placed guests into an experience which was the first of its kind for Fantasy Island.

Psycho Mansion was an overlay experience set in an existing ‘spook house’ structure but with live performers and special effects added.  A mechanical simulated lift, moving floors and a story of a cannibalistic family made guests scream and laugh in equal measure.  A cleverly managed PR campaign saw Bairstow Eves team up with Fantasy Island to present the mansion as ‘for sale’ which garnered considerable media exposure, firmly placing Fear Island as a theme park success story.


Following a successful first season, Fear Island increased the offer with three scare attractions and one stage show in 2018.

Temple of Terror was a blacklight scare maze with multiple routes of navigation meaning not all guests would endure the same experience.  Set in an undergound Mayan temple the characters, costumes, effects and sets were all designed for ultra-violet light, presenting a unique and unusual aesthetic.

Psycho Mansion 2 – Possessed! presented a continuation story but with added characters, new physical effects and personalisation techniques to plus the guest experience.

Laugh-out-loud humour and impact scares were combined inside CarnivHELL – a scare maze that was an instant hit with families, and which presented a colourful and riotous story of an old travelling carnival.

Fear Island Phantoms was a stage show designed with younger guests in mind.  Dance, song and interactivity were key in this 15-minute Halloween ‘pantomime’.


Bigger still in 2019, Fear Island’s slate presented 4 scare mazes, one stage show, a themed food and beverage zone and street performance.

With Psycho Mansion’s shell structure gone, the story continued in Psycho Vault – a marquee style attraction with a 15-minute route through a brand-new set.

Torchure placed guests into a maze of total darkness in a medieval castle and armed them with just a candle torch as their guiding light.

DisturbIAM placed guests into a medical nightmare filled with deranged patients and maniacal doctors.

In The House of Voodoo scare maze guests navigated through swamps and shacks on the hunt for a Voodoo Priestess.

The Wicked Witches Show was a comical cabaret for all ages blending music, dance and audience participation.