Appointment with DEATH
Scare Attractions
Scare Kingdom Scream Park Ltd.

Venture blindly into Gaunt Hill Asylum, hellish home of the demented and deranged, and witness the beginnings of Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s most infamous icon character – Dr Cornelius Van Der Blood…

Explore the rotting wards and come face to face with graphic depictions of horror intended to shock and repulse, as you make your way towards Cell 13 for your ultimate demise.

Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park pushes the limits of decency and fear to bring guests the most intense scare experience in its history, you are ‘bound’ to scream…

Gaunt Hill Asylum was hosted at Scare Kingdom DOOMSDAY Scream Park in 2012, it was the last time that the ongoing ‘Van Der Blood’ storyline will be used in our attractions, bringing a storyline which has migrated over 6 scare attractions (Blood Bath, Blood Bath II, Tunnel of Terror, The Cage, Horror Camp LIVE! and Gaunt Hill Asylum) to an end.