Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells release a slate of Brand-New Scare Experiences for visitors to brave this Halloween Season – Fear Island II 2018

Rediscovered in October 2017, the island known as ‘Fear’ emerged from an eternal mist, and is steeped in mystery, forever cursed…  Ancient legend tells of the monstrous and mysterious inhabitants that frequent Fear Island, as they invite the living to visit their realm each October…

Full 2018 Scare Attraction Line Up

PSYCHO MANSION The dynastic estate of the Psycho family sits high atop a hill.  The decaying manse is home to a madcap hoard of eerie archetypes and their sinister servants.  After luring hundreds into their clutches under the false ruse of putting the house up for sale, they now have a chilling problem of their own to deal with – the mansion has become possessed, and an Exorcist has been engaged to rid the haunted halls of an insidious Phantom.

TEMPLE OF TERROR Deep beneath the surface an ancient lost temple has been unearthed by an intrepid and foolish Urban Explorer – the lair of Kukulcan, the blood-thirsty feathered Snake God.  Deeper still, the Mayan Underworld of Xibalba has been breached, and the ancient Gods have awoken to wreak a terrible vengeance…  *New for 2018

CARNIVHELL Above ground Festus Diablo, the sinister Showman has lodged his freak-filled Carnival Diablo presenting ‘the gravest show on earth’.  Punters gasp at the monstrous wonders in the Chamber of Freaks and meet the razor-toothed cannibal carnies in a killer show that demands your soul for admission… *New for 2018

CIRCUS OF SCREAMS Roll up roll up, The Circus of Screams is coming to Town!

FEAR ISLAND PHANTOM FAMILY SHOW Three whimsical ghosts drift among those who dare visit Fear Island, but they are tired of haunting, and determined to make themselves television reality stars on The Ghost Factor.  Guests can join them in a magical jamboree of interactive entertainment celebrating the spirit of Halloween season. *New for 2018

MEET BLACKJACK With a ‘license to scare’, Blackjack, a friendly shipwrecked phantom, and former Boatswain of The Flying Dutchman, makes Fear Island his haunting ground.  The self-styled Captain of the island, he is eerie and entertaining in equal measure. *New for 2018

Fear Island – where time slips backwards and forwards, the past bleeds into the present, and the present shifts into the future… 

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