A gruesome adventure through fear itself - will you survive? probably not.


The House of Fear is a permanent scare attraction at Allou! Fun Park in Athens, for our client Hellenic Entertainment Parks, making theme park history, as the first attraction of its kind in Greece.

The attraction instantly achieved national television, radio and printed media coverage, resulting in regular 3.5 hour queues to experience the horrors inside, and becoming the park’s number one attraction.

The House of Fear challenges guests to endure a series of disconnected ‘nightmares’ featuring visceral and common fears like coulrophobia, cannibalism, madness, demonic possession and total darkness.

The Attraction

Thematic continuity across all 13 separate environments ensures cohesion in the architectural storytelling, coupled with multiple scare types including live scareactors, fog and theatrical scents.

The attraction was designed to allow for changes in the themes and guest navigation, allowing for temporary seasonal overlays which encourage regular return visits by guests.

Following opening, the attraction acquired a sponsorship deal with M&M’s.

The House of Fear is now open permanently at Allou! Fun Park in Athens, Greece.