Officially dubbed 'The UK's Sickest Attraction', Psychomanteum is an intense 'alone' experience in taboo terrotica.


Storytelling and high octane terrotica are blended together in Europe’s first full-contact psycho-sexual scare entertainment experience, produced by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in the UK since 2013.

The experience places a single or paired guests in an 8 minute intense horror simulation, where their senses are attacked in a relentless one-on-one assault, live scareactors and highly detailed revolting environments.

Officially titled The UK’s Sickest Attraction by The Sun newspaper, Psychomanteum removes socially accepted safety barriers, and controls the guests every move by placing them in a wheelchair, inside a coffin, strapped on a gurney and inside a spinning zoetrope, which confuse and disorientate.

The Attraction

Physical effects including simulated vomit, organic waste and blood heighten the experience, which, when combined with realistic scents and a thundering soundscape, places guests firmly outside of their comfort zone.

Guests must be aged 18+ and are given a safe-word prior to entry.

Psychomanteum operates at Scare Kingdom Scream Park and changes seasonally, with each of its 20 versions developing the story-arc, the characters and the intensity.