Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft first commissioned AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment in 2013 to design, cast and produce a scare maze and 3 scare experiences inside the family theme park. One of the attractions would go on to be known as ‘The best horror maze in the UK.’

Satans Circus took guests into a freak show like no other hosted by Satan himself. Once below the Castle Theatre guests were ambushed by clowns and carnival freaks as they snaked through room after room brimming with lighting, sound, live scareactors, scents and special effects.


Hobs Pit XTREME dared guests to experience a crowd favourite like never before. Using the existing dark ride, Hobs Pit, live actors and special effects were added to heighten the scares even more creating a terrifying ride through experience like no other!

Tales of the Haunted Coast brought an overlay to the existing boat ride Tales of the Coast where live actors introduced guests into a swashbuckling adventure in search for the legendary Black Shuck. This family friendly spook provided a less intense Halloween attraction to the park allowing for it to be enjoyed by young and old alike.

The Spooky Storytellers show was designed to entertain guests around the park who didn’t wish to experience the mazes or rides. The show consisted of 3 ghostly characters coming together to tell spooky stories of the past using the medium of mime and comedy to entertain the crowds.

AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment then returned in 2019 to design and produce 2 all-new scare mazes designed to appeal to the thrill-seekers. Bringing a new lease of life to the Laser Lab below the Castle Theatre, Hobs Revenge brought back the sorely missed Hobs Pit ride story and turned it into a claustrophobic decent into Shaft 13 where Hob along with his band of demonic miners searched out the intruders exploring the caverns with only a head torch to light their way. Hobs Revenge also receive a nomination from for /Best Scare Attraction in the 2020 Virtual Scar Awards hosted by ScareCON.

Full Scream Ahead also rolled into Pleasurewood Hills inviting guests to board the forgotten Necropolis Line Railway to assist grave digger, Sydney Graves with the cadavers inside the Victorian train carriage. Once inside guests were tasked with evading the clutches of the undead as they desperately seek their final resting place.