In 2018 we designed and produced the first annual Nightmare Nights event on The Isle of Man.


Nightmare Nights is the first scare entertainment attraction on The Isle of Man.  This annual event was designed, cast and produced by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment in 2018 for Inspired Futures Ltd.  The attraction was housed inside the ancient Castle Rushen in Castletown.

The 20 minute interactive experience presented a tale of ancient magic in which guests became ‘offerings’ in a Sorcerer’s occult ritual, to summon a mythical monster from manx folklore – The Buggane.

Combining set installations, sound, lighting and scent effects the attraction operated in November 2018.

The Attraction

A cast of live scareactors bought the experience vividly to life in four dimensions with a mixture of theatrical dialogue and impact based scares.

The culmination of the experience included a ‘sensory deprived’ element in which guests were blinded as The Buggane manifested in the castle.

Nightmare Nights is a family attraction which mixes humour with horror to create a unique experience designed with everyone in mind.

Nightmare Nights returns in 2019 at a new venue, with a new story titled The House of Hell.

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