Fantasy Island Theme Park's annual scream park, with scare mazes and shows for families and thrill-seekers.


Creating an annual scare entertainment event was our task since 2017 when we devised and produced Fear Island for Fantasy Island theme park in Lincolnshire.

In 2017 two scare attractions were opened, Dark Water and Psycho Mansion.  Dark Water was set at the bottom of the sea in which guests explored the rotting shipwreck in search of pirate treasure.  Combining a crawl tunnel and hooded culmination scene, the attraction was the first of it’s kind.

The second experience was set in an existing travelling ‘shell’, which we re-designed and populated with a narrative driven team of actors.  Psycho Mansion presented the story of a strange aristocratic dynasty who were encouraging guests to visit their mansion, under the ruse that it was ‘for sale’.  A cleverly managed PR campaign saw Bairstow Eves team up with Fantasy Island to present the mansion ‘on the market’ which gained considerable media exposure, and firmly placed Fear Island as a theme park success story.


For the second season of Fear Island in 2018, three scare attractions were designed and operated alongside a family-friendly stage show and a streetmosphere ‘on-park’ character.

This extended project included a re-visit to Psycho Mansion in which a new story and effects were presented.

Temple of Terror was a unique scare maze set inside an underground Mayan temple.  The attraction included a ‘true choice’ of route for guests, meaning no two visits were the same.  we gave the experience a total black light design, with sets, make-up and costumes all created in ultraviolet reactive colours, this unique style gave the attraction an eerie and odd aesthetic.

Carnivhell was a freakshow themed maze in which guests encountered a variety of circus oddities.  Mixing ‘laugh out loud’ humour with impact based scares, the attraction was a hit with younger families.


Fear Island then returned in 2019 with its biggest offering yet with 4 all-new scare mazes, a live family show, a walk around street character and a themed food and beverage area which invited guests to enjoy Fear Island’s attractions into the night.

The Psycho family returned yet again but without their beloved mansion, instead a storyline was created where a series of tunnels and chambers were uncovered under the mansions foundations entitled the Psycho Vault, where guests entered a game of cat and mouse to escape notorious serial killer Edward Slice and his gang of blood-thirty murderers.

Torchure plunged guests head first into the medieval Fortress of Fear where they navigated their way through pitch black rooms inhabited by jesters, knights and hunchbacks with only a handheld torch to light their way.

DisturbIAM also opened its doors at the resort offering an insight into the world of science and insanity as guests checked into the twisted Blackwood Peak Sanatorium filled to the brim with deranged patients and maniacal doctors.

House of Voodoo sat as the focal point of food and beverage area Voodoo Bay where guests were given the opportunity to venture into the fog filled waters of the Louisiana bayou and come face to face with Voodoo Priestess Delphine La Laurie and her hoard of Haitian horrors!

Safe under the Pyramid, the Wicked Witches Show presented a comical cabaret for all ages bringing together music, dance, and plenty of audience participation!