Permanent turn-key scare attraction for LBTE Entertainment, Lisbon, Portugal





Designed and produced for LBTE Entertainment Lisboa in Portugal, Labirinto Lisboa is the countries only permanent scare attraction. The attraction is a 20 minute experience based on Portuguese history and legends, mixed with an unhealthy dose of artistic license.

19 authentic historical environments, populated by 11 live scareactors, bring the attraction vividly to life in four dimensions. Guests navigate through a variety of interactive elements, including a simulated roasting in a bread oven, squeezing through a trunnel, and evading the clutches of a giant 10 foot tall actormatronic sea monster.

The experience takes guests on a psychological rollercoaster by delivering a variety of different scare types alongside scripted theatrical scenes and even a hint of comedy.

In a unique twist, the attraction includes a directional swap where guests are unexpectedly reversed, and the world’s first ‘Oubliette’ in which one guest is singled out for special treatment – a chamber which comes to life and ‘hugs’ them…

At the end of the experience guests emerge into a themed retail space offering merchandise and photograph opportunities.

Labirinto Lisboa is now open throughout the year in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Permanent turn-key scare attraction for Scare Kingdom Scream Park, UK


Square Metres



Manormortis is Britain’s newest permanent award-winning scare attraction. The attraction is a 445 square metre classic haunted house which combines European scare entertainment storytelling with American style impact scares, across 21 themed rooms and environments.

Designed as a set of four quads, the attraction includes a labyrinth of back-stage corridors and rat runs. The physical set is like a huge piece of Swiss cheese with impact hatches in chests of drawers, cupboards, behind curtains and through walls. These give scareactors the theoretical ‘scareportunity’ to target guests a total of 73 times as they navigate through the labyrinthine warren of passageways and chambers. The design also allows for easy changes to guest navigation as the house ‘changes shape’ in line with its back-story.

The attraction’s back story presents the house as a living, breathing entity or ‘domus mactabilis’ – in simple terms it feeds on those that dare to enter and grows in size as it devours them. This means that the environments will continually change and shift, giving repeat guests a new experience every time. The flexibility of the design means that operators have the opportunity to introduce new rooms and change the layout frequently.

Technically, the attraction utilises over 100 DMX controlled lights, operated via a central computer which also runs the scent pods, haze machines and other effects including digital media projections, a claustrophobia corridor and a living painting which comes to life and speaks directly to the guests.

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Permanent turn-key scare attraction for Allou! Theme Park, Athens, Greece




Hour queues

In 2011 we created The House of Fear, a permanent turn-key attraction at Allou! Fun Park in Athens, for our client Hellenic Entertainment Parks, making theme park history, as the first attraction of its kind in Greece.

The attraction instantly achieved national television, radio and printed media coverage, resulting in regular 3.5 hour queues to experience the horrors inside, and becoming the park’s number one attraction.

The House of Fear challenges guests to endure a series of disconnected ‘nightmares’ featuring visceral and common fears like coulrophobia, cannibalism, madness, demonic possession and total darkness.

Thematic continuity across all 13 separate environments ensures cohesion in the architectural storytelling, coupled with multiple scare types including live scareactors, fog and theatrical scents.

The attraction was designed to allow for changes in the themes and guest navigation, allowing for temporary seasonal overlays which encourage regular return visits by guests. The themes have since been re-developed in-house by Allou!

Following opening, the attraction acquired a sponsorship deal with M&M’s.

The House of Fear is now open permanently at Allou! Fun Park in Athens, Greece.

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Seasonal multi-element scream park for Scare Kingdom Scream Park, UK




Live actors

For the last 9 years, AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment has worked alongside Scare Kingdom Scream Park Ltd to create, produce and develop an annual pop-up scream park in Lancashire, United Kingdom.

Beginning with a simple corn-maze in 2009, the venue has grown into a multi-element entertainment park offering multiple indoor and outdoor scare attractions, interactive street theatre shows, themed retail and catering. A total of 57 different attractions have been presented at the park in its 9 year history.

For the last 4 years Scare Kingdom Scream Park has consistently been voted ‘Top UK Scream Park’.

Engaging 60 live performers and a 15 strong production team, AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment produces and manages the entire park from creative concepts through realisation and operation.

The Scare Kingdom Scream Park brand has now been rolled out across the entire year with seasonal attractions operating at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Midsummer and throughout the warmer months with the award-winning Horror Camp LIVE! and Sleep HELL.

Scare Kingdom Scream Park was the first Halloween entertainment park in Europe to add an upcharge full-contact scare experience, and the only park which offers timed entry, meaning minimal queuing and a higher production value guest experience.

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Overnight scare entertainment experience for Universal Pictures International



Hotel room

Hours sleep

Hard-core horror fans spent an eerie night in a horror hotel created by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment for Universal Pictures in 2013.

Our brief called for the transformation of a contemporary modern London hotel, into a fright-filled interactive adventure which would place competition winners and high-profile journalists in a simulated overnight experience themed around the film ‘Mama’.

Using IPR from the film and its storyline, we created replica props and environments from the film, and submitted the guests to 6 hours of scare entertainment including bedroom invaders, interactive tasks and an encounter with Mama herself.

A theatrical ‘makeunder’ of the hotel bedrooms, including low-level ambient lighting, blood drenched bathrooms and cryptic hand written letters, created a suitably eerie environment for the guests. We also plunged them into total darkness and chilled the rooms using air conditioning!

The project achieved international coverage for the UK release of the film on DVD and was based on our generic transferable hotel-based FEARooms production.



Seasonal multi-element scream park for Dreamland, UK




Live actors

AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment designed, produced and managed a slate of scare entertainment experiences, including scare attractions, street theatre and midway entertainments for Dreamland in Margate, United Kingdom, creating Screamland in 2015.

Working closely with Dreamland’s in-house team, we designed 4 scare attractions alongside a variety of on-park midway entertainments and street theatre characters.

Screamland achieved high critical acclaim in its first season, winning two awards for design and production.

Screamland will return in 2016 will a host of new haunts and entertainments designed by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment.

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